Legal rights to choreographies, music, videos and DVDs

We do agree
that our choreographies and all music and DVD productions be used by those who learn them directly from us or from our instructional videos and/or DVDs as long as it is clearly announced who the choreographer / producer is.

We do not agree:
1) That our choreographies be taught without our authorization

2) That our choreographies be changed. It is alright when an accomplished dancer wishes to change one or two movements which does not suit her, yet, further changes alter the character of the choreographies. This includes choreographies for soloists being altered for group dances or duets or folklor dances with traditional movements being altered in any way.

3) That choreographies which are never taught in workshops and that are not featured in instructional videos/DVDs be dowloaded from videos/DVDs for arbitrary unauthorized use. There is a clear difference between inspiration and theft. Whoever wishes to dance a choreographie should pay for classes to those who created it.
We are glad if our Video, DVD and Music productions are to your liking and you chose to use them.

We do not agree that:

That our CDs – that includes single tracks!!! – be copied and given away or sold to others. We invest a great deal of money, love and experience in our productions and will not tolerate such abuse. The laws regarding this matter are very clear.

We provide the chance for anyone to purchase our productions at reasonable wholesale prices. There is absolutely no need for pirating and theft

If you have questions about this matter we welcome your mails or calls.

Beata & Horacio Cifuentes


-> Les droits d’auteur concernant des chorégraphiques, de la musique, des vidéos et des DVD

-> Derechos legales de coreografías, música, videos y DVDs

-> Click here for Russian language PDF file: Legal rights to choreographies, music, videos and DVDs