Dance and feel great!

Whatever you need or look for – we have it: Dance Fitness, Yoga, Ballet, Point class, Floor Barre + Stretching or Oriental Bellydance!
We also offer classes for children: Children Ballet for all ages, Babyballerinas, Point class and Hip Hop for kids.
All classes are also available online via Zoom.

We also offer two more 3 or 4 day Intensive Training, next Date is September 29 – October 2, Showtime Sept 30!
Beata & Horacio have been invited to teach in workshops and festivals worldwide on all continents, they are appreciated as skillful and experienced teachers.
Beelitz is close to Berlin and easy to reach by car, train or bus. You can spend more time in a Berlin traffic jam than going to Beelitz.
Whether beginner or professional, everybody is welcome!

Enjoy yourself and find fun and health all in one package! Body, mind and soul need movement to stay strong and happy!

Latest News

  • Showtime!    September 30 @ Tiedemann Haus in Beelitz 
  • Beata & Horacio proudly present the CATT Company Members Maizena from Denmark and Olena from Ukraine, from India Urban Bollywood with the SBK Dancers, Master drummer Khader Ahmad from Lebanon and a few surprise guests (Workshop participants and students) with Beata & Horacio!
  • 3 days, 18 h Workshops September 29 – October 1 with Beata & Horacio, LIVE Percussion in class with Khader Ahmad, Maizena, Olena and SBK Bollywood Dancer – dont miss it! The subjects of CATT 3rd semester will be offered for the VERY LAST TIME, so go for it!!

Now available at Barnes and Noble: Horacio´s biography “Confessions of a Male Bellydancer”as E Book! For only 14.99 $ you can dive into an interesting life: childhood in Columbia, Spain and Poland, ballet training in Gdansk, New York and San Francisco, life as a soloist at San Francisco ballet, meeting Guru Walt Baptiste, love and marriage and a few secrets, too!