Founded by Beata Zadou (now Cifuentes) it was Berlin s first „Studio für orientalischen Tanz“, the first ever Studio for Oriental Bellydance in Berlin. Many of the professionel dancers were trained here. After marrying Horacio Cifuentes they share teaching the weekly classes, developed the Certified Teacher and Dancer Training „CATT“, produced 14 music CDs and created complete stage shows, worked as co-choreographers and trainers at the famous „Friedrichstadtpalast“ (the biggest revue theatre in Europe) in the production „The Wyld“, were guesting as a dance couple in „En Ballo en Mascera“ at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin and travel all over the world to perform and teach in festivals.

In March 2017 they opened a second Tanzakademie Cifuentes in Beelitz. Since November 1, 2018 Beata & Horacio Cifuentes dedicate all their time to the Beelitz academy and closed their longtime Berlin studio.
The location in Beelitz is housed in a imperial building of 1909 – an electrical plant build in the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II. and later turned into a school gymnasium. The floor is perfect for dance, 5 meter high walls, 13 meter mirror wall, dance Boutique, a view into the countryside and only a short walk from the train station make it an ideal dance hot spot. There is also lots of free parking and an express bus from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof.
Visit us in our beautiful dance studio! Enjoy professional dance classes, workshops and retreats. Relax in elegant ambience and nature.