Ballett for Children

is the dream of many little girls and boys (as well as adults). Even if a child does not become a classical ballerina/dancer, the feeling for grace, elegance, good posture and the joy of discipline will remain forever. We offer high quality classes on a professional level.


Young children love to dance and feel like a „real“ ballerina. They learn coordination, rhythm and flexibility through basic exercises. In a playful way they accept structure, joy of discipline and progress and become part of a team.

PRE – BALLETT 5 years

At the age of 5 children are ready for Pre Ballet. The classes are still playful but they learn basic ballet movements and vocabulary. The exercises for rhythm, coordination and remembering combinations are more advanced, the children learn their first dances.


Children – BALLET 8 yrs

If your child did not start ballet training as a babyballerina it is of course not too late to start at a later time. Since children of this age are already more grown up they catch up easily. First experience at the barre develop a sense of structure.

Children– BALLETT 11 yrs

These little ladies have worked on their flexibilty and have aquired a big repertoire of steps and exercises at the barre and in space. In an additional class they learn dances for our frequent performances. The performances are important experiences and provide the children with unforgettable memories, a sense of team work and courage.

Point Class 11 yrs and up

When the feet are strong enough and the young ballerina´s technique is prepared it is time to start to work on point. Many girls can hardly wait but must understand that going on point to early can do permanent damage.

We are very happy and proud that several children of our Tanzakademie were chosen to perform at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin, in the opera „Il Vedo“. Bravo to the ballerinas and ballerinos!

HIP HOP SHOW DANCE for Kids 9 yrs and up with Beata & Horacio

Register any time for a free try out class on Monday at 3.30 pm for kids 9 yrs and up